Hu Shizhong went down to the beach and Qingyuan Qingyuan district rich industrial park for research.

?(reporter Zhou Jingkang) Qingyuan district should be how to play a role in District Four reform work? In March 16th, the party secretary Hu Shizhong deep into the Qingyuan district rich beach and Qingyuan Industrial Park for research. Vice mayor Deng Shubin, the main leader of Jinggangshan Jing Kai District.
On the spot of Fu Tan Industrial Park, Hu Shizhong looked at the planning and design map carefully, and asked questions to the staff to understand the layout of the area in detail. He pointed out that the rich Beach Industrial Park has advantageous geographical location and obvious location advantage, which is bound to lay a good foundation for the development pattern of one district, four parks in Jinggangshan economic and Technological Development Zone. Qingyuan district to conduct the conversion of system integration in the integration of the reform and development, and make the layout in the transformation; to do the regional housing construction management, to ensure that the District Four handover work smoothly; to advance planning and construction of sewage treatment plant, power supply facilities and other infrastructure, and lay a solid foundation for the development and utilization of the region.
At the Guangji high speed general mountain hub, Hu Shizhong made a serious investigation of the scene. He pointed out that the basic work of the Qingyuan district has done very well, saving time for later development. In the latter part of the building, especially in the transportation hub, Qingyuan district should always adhere to the planning and design optimization, make the layout more scientific and reasonable, but also in the area of housing construction to control, do the construction of a unified style of the house.
It is understood that the Jinggangshan economic and Technological Development Zone, an area of four yuan reform, is a major change in the city park system innovation, to play the radiation effect of Jinggangshan national economic and Technical Development Zone, to promote the District Four space layout optimization, energy level, system and mechanism reform of industry the development of. Innovation Industrial Park, Qingyuan district actively cooperate with and transfer system, will provide a powerful boost for the District Four integration process.
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