Brief Introduction of Ji’an City

?Ji'an is located in the middle of Jiangxi province, the home of well-known Jinggangshan——the cradle of the Chinese revolution. It is formerly known as Luling and Jizhou. In the early years of Yuan Dynasty, it was named Ji'an, which means the state is auspicious and people live in peace, which is still in use today. Covering an area of 25,300 square kilometers and with a population of 4.7 million, Ji’an was established as city in May 2000. It now governs two districts, ten counties and one city (i.e. Jizhou District, Qingyuan District, Ji'an County, Xin'gan County, Yongfeng County, Xiajiang County, Jishui County, Taihe County, Wan'an County, Suichuan County, Anfu County, Yongxin County and Jinggangshan City). 
Rich in Cultural Heritage
Ji’an is a birth place of creative minds and gifted talents since the ancient times and it has always enjoyed the reputation of “a reputable and prosperous county in the south” and “the Golden Luling”. Since the establishment of Qin Dynasty, with its developed culture and simple and honest folk custom, it is the cradle of brilliant talents and celebrities. 
From Tang and Song Dynasties to Ming and Qing Dynasties, Ji’an had nearly 3,000 Jinshi (a person who passed all three examinations held by the government), fifty-two Number One Scholar (title conferred on the one who came first in the imperial examination), the second place at imperial examination and the third place at palace examination all together (20 Number One Scholars). It has seen a great event of “two Chancellors were born across the river and three Number One Scholars were born in a county” in the history. 
A number of historical and cultural celebrities were born here, such as Ouyang Xiu (one of the Eight Prose Masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties), national hero Wen Tianxiang, XieJin (the major compiler of The Yongle Canon) and Yang Wanli (Song dynasty literary giant). With a strong historical and cultural heritage, it gave birth to LuLing Culture in the history of Chinese Literature. Ji’an has new glories in the history of contemporary China. Mao Zedong, Zhu De and other older generation of proletarian revolutionaries have established the first revolutionary base in China in the year of 1927, which has formed Spirit of Jinggang——strong faith, hard working, seeking truth from facts, daring to take new roads, relying on the masses, having the courage to win. Researches have concluded that Ji’an is also the ancestral home of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. 
Geographical Advantage
Ji’an is in the heart of the necessary path from Hong Kong and Guangdong Province to the Central Plain by way of Jiangxi Province. Not only is it the backland of the coastal region, but also the frontier part of the inland. Ji’an is located in an important “gold corridor” as it connects to the Yangtze River Delta in the north, adjoins the Minjiang River Delta in the east and echoes with South China Economic Region in the south. The transportation infrastructure of Ji’an has seen a fundamental improvement in recent years. 
With regard to aviation, Jinggangshan Airport has opened flights from Ji’an to Beijing and Shanghai and the flight from Ji’an to Shenzhen will be opened o schedule. With regard to railway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway has scheduled trains starting from Ji’an to Beijing, Shenzhen and Xiamen. 
With regard to water transportation, the Ganjiang River shipping lane, which is the convenient golden watercourse, running through the territory of Ji’an. 
With regard to highways, Ganyue Expressway, Taijing Expressway and Wuji Expressway have been completed and open to traffic in succession. Thus, a fast and convenient three-dimensional transportation network is formed. It takes five to eight hours from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fuzhou and Xiamen to Ji’an, and it only needs 50 minutes by air, which dramatically shortens spatial distance from Ji’an to other parts of the country.
Abundant Natural Resources
The water resource of the entire city reaches 21.5 billion cubic meters and the developable water power resources is 1.57 million kilowatts. The Province’s biggest water power station, Wan'an Hydropower station, is located in Ji’an. 
With 66% forest coverage, Ji’an has over 4,000 species of plant and more than 1,000 species of animals, which is a significant production base of trees of economic value in China, including China fir, slash pine, mao bamboo and tea-oil tree. Not only the territory of Ji’an is a land of beautiful mountains and lakes, it also enjoys abundant tourism resources in such fields as Tour of Revolution, Ecological tourism and historic and cultural tourism. 
Jinggangshan Mountain is crowned as “No. One Mountain in China”, which is also one of the first group of state-level scenic spots. It is also rated as one of the Forty Best Scenery Spots in China and China's Excellent Tourism Cities. It has four provincial-level scenic spots: Wugong Mountain, Qingyuan Mountain, Yuxun Mountain and Baishuixian Mountain. Besides that, it also has a large number of historical and cultural sites, such as world’s largest and best preserved ancient kiln Jizhou Kiln, the Egret Island Academy, Ruins of Shang Dynasty Tomb of Xingan and Xiyanggong of Yongfeng. 
Sound Education System
As the highest institution of higher education in Ji’an, Jinggangshan University has nearly 20,000 students in total, which is a significant base to cultivate high-quality talents. 
The city has 321 ordinary high schools which channel over 20,000 excellent students to universities and colleges throughout the country. It has one institute of higher learning and 25 technical secondary schools and vocational schools, which yearly provide the society with over 100,000 educated labor forces.
To meet the needs of the establishment of a modern industrial system and make up deficiencies in higher vocational education, Ji’an Municipal Committee of CPC and Municipal Government has decided that Ji’an Normal School, Jinggang Applied Science and Technology School and Ji’an Senior Technical School should move out of the city and relocated in Ji’an Vocational Education Garden, and Ji’an Institute of Technical and Further Education should be established. These four schools are focused on junior college education, supplemented by secondary vocational education, adult education as well as job training. 
With 400,000 overall floorage and 1,098 mu land occupation, Ji’an Institute of Technical and Further Education, the one billion Yuan project, is being constructed in two phases. The Municipal Committee of CPC and Municipal Government attach great importance to the project since the preparation work started in May 2011. Relative competent departments also give great support to the project. 
The constitute work closely follow the aim that first phase construction should be completed by September 2014. The project is well organized and moves forward steadily. Presently, the Constitute has obtained all the land for construction and land acquisition and relocation work is going on smoothly. The overall plan has been approved and some of the single building designs are under improvement. The project was officially launched on August 16th 2012. 
Well-established Infrastructures
The total distance of the city’s highway reaches 9,000 km,which forms an one hour transportation circle from the city to every town. The power transmission network is already established, which consists of 110 KV substations and 35 KV substations. The total installed capacity reaches 1.2 million KW and annual energy production is 3 billion KWH, which is mainly generated by Huaneng Jinggangshan Power Plant and Wan’an Hydropower Station. Post and telecommunications service is experiencing a rapid development. There are 710,000 fixed-line telephone users, 740,000 mobile phone users and 50,000 internet users. Transportation, energy and communications and some other infrastructures are being bettered. 
The city also has built its investment service system based on direct calls connecting customs, commodity inspection and mayor, investment negotiation center, complaint center, rush service center and bidding center. With advantages of low cost, fast return, fine reputation and high efficiency, an open-minded new Ji’an is rising quickly in the middle of Jiangxi province. 
Solid Foundation for Development
The city has six key industries in the field of manufacturing, including electronics, food, medicine, electric power, and metallurgy as well as building materials. It also has six leading industries in the field of agriculture, including livestock and poultry, flowers and seedlings, special fisheries, excellent cereals and oil, pollution-free vegetables and forest chemical products. 
Ji’an has excellent carriers to receive industries transferred from coastal regions as it has twelve county-level industrial parks, one city-level high-tech industrial park. The planning area of the park is 72.5square kilometers, which has already realized Seven Connections and One Leveling (including access to water supply, drainage, electricity, road, communication, central heating and gas as well as leveling of ground) and road surface hardening, afforestation and lightening.  
Promising Development Outlook
The coming period is a stage of historical significance for Ji’an to accelerate its development. It conscientiously implements the scientific concept of development and strategic thinking of the construction of a socialist harmonious society. It firmly seizes the development opportunity, unshakably implements the main strategy of grand opening to establish closer links with Pan-Pearl River Delta and other coastal areas, aiming to promote deeper cooperation and exchanges in more fields and common prosperity and development. 
Thus, the construction of Jitai industrial corridor, the core of the Shenzhen industrial park, will be accelerated to build a new generator of economic development. The convergence of electronic information industry will pick up speed to build a provincial-level electronic industry base. 
The construction of transportation infrastructure will be accelerated to build a comprehensive regional transportation junction. Comprehensive energy development will be quickened to build an energy base. Urban construction of each central city area and towns and counties will be accelerated to form a group of highly urbanized cities in the middle of Jiangxi province featuring enterprise-friendly and livable cities with sound ecological environment.
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